Who Will Survive? A Journey to Climate-Proof Populations

Climate change is exacerbating problems such as habitat loss and extreme temperature fluctuations. With one in four species currently under threat of extinction, understanding which ones are better equipped to adapt, and hence survive, can provide valuable information for conservation efforts and policy choices.

Direct and indirect drivers of global declines in nature. Source IPBES 2019.

Who will adapt?

Ensemble forecasting of the future (best- and worst-case scenarios) range change for (a) Gorilla spp and (b) Pan spp based on weighted mean and the true skill statistics. Source Carvalho et al. 2021

Evolutionary changes

Adaptive and maladaptive responses to climate change. Source Radchuk et al. 2019

Who will survive?

Euro-Mediterranean Center on #ClimateChange: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research on climate science and policy.