The White House Deals with the Climate

The largest climate team ever, a flurry of executive orders, an approach that ties together national security and foreign policy, economic growth and employment. Joe Biden’s new strategy is prompt, clear and straightforward: wasting no time in addressing the climate crisis and making the USA an influential actor in global negotiations once again.

A strong team

Biden has selected the largest climate team ever to grace the White House in an effort to bring the US back on track and into the foray of climate diplomacy. Standout names include John Kerry as special envoy; Gina McCarthy, former President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator, as White House National Climate Advisor; and Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve as Treasury Secretary.

Executive orders

Possibly the biggest change in climate policy compared to the Trump administration is the US’s return to global negotiations, which President Biden set in motion on his very first day in office. A powerful signal that demonstrates not only a willingness to follow the rules on climate set out by the international community but also a desire to influence the direction of those rules.

Clean energy transition

One of the campaign promises brought forward by Biden was to boost electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, build high-speed railways, and improve energy efficiency in homes and offices. With a 2 trillion USD plan to reach 100% clean electricity by 2035.

The path to success

Success in addressing the climate crisis will revolve around Biden implementing a comprehensive climate bill that uses mechanisms such as a clean energy standard, that sets a cap, or limit, on emissions and tightens it over time.

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