The Solar Rooftop Panel Revolution

From energy consumers to energy prosumers: homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities worldwide are being covered with solar photovoltaic panels. Opportunities and challenges of a transformation that is changing the world and shaping the immediate future, as described in the latest International Energy Agency forecast analysis.

Global Power Generating Capacity, by Source, 2008–2018 (Source: REN21 report, p. 41)

A story of unanticipated success

Renewable capacity growth between 2019 and 2024 by technology (Source: IEA)

From large-scale to distributed PV systems, mostly on industrial rooftops

The role of policy

Source: IEA Renewables 2019 Launch presentation

Digitalization and electrification: keywords for the future

Euro-Mediterranean Center on #ClimateChange: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research on climate science and policy.

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