The Power of Climate Policy

Policy is the key to contrasting the worst effects of climate change. Analysing the impact of climate laws implemented by the G7 nations on their overall emissions gives a clear indication of how important policy measures are in the fight against climate change.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

G7 climate laws

According to research in 2020 climate laws in 2016 were associated with an annual reduction in global CO2 emissions of 5.9 GtCO2, which, for reference, amounts to more than the US CO2 output on that same year. Furthermore, total CO2 emissions savings from 1999 to 2016 amount to 38 GtCO2, or one year’s worth of global CO2 output.

Climate change laws around the world. Source: Climate Change Laws of the World.
Focus of new laws passed each year, to end of 2017. Source: Climate Change Laws of the World database, Grantham Research
Institute on Climate Change and the
Environment and Sabin Center for Climate
Change Law (2018).

Developing countries

Central to the concerns of G7 countries is not only their own emissions but also the role they have to play, as wealthy countries that achieved their wealth with a fossil fueled development curve, in assisting developing countries.

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