Preparing for Rising Sea Levels

More than 600 million people at risk. Strategies and solutions require close collaboration between policy-makers and scientists working together to focus on both the local scale and the broader picture. With some key concepts at the core of their collaboration such as multi-risk, cross-sectoral approach and systemic vision. Not to mention the paradox of “maladaptation”.

The importance of using a multi-risk approach

What does this mean for policy decisions?

CoastelDEM tool for mapping future sea level rise depicting a worst case scenario in northern Europe. Available at:

How much will they rise?

The scenarios differ based on potential future rates of greenhouse gas emissions and differences in the plausible rates of glacier and ice sheet loss. Source: NOAA

How do scientists calculate sea level rise?

Measuring land elevation

Current population below the elevation of an average annual flood in 2050, top six countries. Source: Climate Central

Implementing a multi-risk approach

Euro-Mediterranean Center on #ClimateChange: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research on climate science and policy.