Digitalization and Climate — Dialogues Help Build Momentum

In a world where organizers are having to re-think in-person meetings, the UN Climate Dialogues seek to bring Parties and stakeholders together in new and innovative ways so as to build momentum for upcoming climate negotiations. Hidden in this challenge is a new opportunity: “Digitalising climate summits can represent a first step towards a more inclusive and accessible model of cooperation on climate change”, explains CMCC researcher Elisa Calliari.

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Not just digitalization

Earlier in 2020 Calliari had joined fellow CMCC researcher Jaroslav Mysiak and UCL researcher Lisa Vanhala in writing a correspondence piece that discussed the development of a “Digital Climate Summit to maintain Paris Agreement ambition“. Something that materialised in June with the “June Momentum for Climate Change“, the UNFCCC’s solution to continuing work through virtual meetings which allowed Parties and other stakeholders to engage in dialogue and share information so as to maintain momentum and assess climate action progress.

Climate dialogues maintain momentum

The most recent set of virtual meetings, the UN Climate Dialogues, involved over 80 virtual events and provided a platform for countries and other stakeholders to showcase progress made in 2020 and exchange views and ideas on mandated work for COP26.

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