Climate is Made of Weather

A history of how science provides climate variability forecasting on seasonal and multi-annual time scales, thus delivering essential information to various economic sectors and reducing future uncertainties due to climate change. A tale of how the Italian scientific community produces actionable knowledge for decision-makers worldwide and how the CMCC Foundation gained recognition as a Global Producing Centre for Long-Range Forecasts by the World Meteorological Organization.

Photo by Dominik Schröder on Unsplash

Seasonal forecasts: history of a convergence that made them possible

How the Italian community reached the forefront of long-range forecasts

Seasonal forecast map from the CMCC Seasonal Prediction System. Source:
WMO Lead Centre for Annual-to-Decadal Climate Prediction. Source:

Predicting the impacts is the new frontier



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Cmcc Foundation

Euro-Mediterranean Center on #ClimateChange: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research on climate science and policy.