A Bright Future for Solar Powered Desalination

With over half the world’s population predicted to live in water-stressed areas by 2025 we must find effective solutions to the incumbent water crisis. Water desalination has long been used as an alternative way of sourcing freshwater. However, it often goes hand in hand with environmental harm due to its energy-intensive nature and toxic by-products. Researchers at MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have come up with a new and effective solution: solar-powered desalination that provides affordable drinking water through renewable energy and without releasing toxic by-products.

Traditionally, desalination has been a dirty business

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Breakdown of Desalination costs. Source: International Water Association https://iwa-network.org/desalination-past-present-future/

Low impact solar powered desalination

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What is water security? Source: UN Water

Solar powered desalination already in use

Euro-Mediterranean Center on #ClimateChange: integrated, multi-disciplinary and frontier research on climate science and policy.

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